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Charles is a Chartered Civil Engineer who spent 30 years working in the water industry in Scotland in various technical and managerial roles. Towards the end of his career he specialised in mentoring staff leading in operational and reputational crises were an individual’s poor personal performance could be career limiting. He has worked as Senior Field Director for USAID in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan and now heads his own company advising predominantly on leadership and team management issues working with such diverse organisations as the NHS and the English Football Association, to name but a few.

He is a Major in the Army Reserve and has extensive experience as an assessor selecting candidates for officer training at Sandhurst. He is the lead in leadership development within the Officer Training Corps in Edinburgh. He served in Iraq in 2007, and was Infrastructure Adviser to the team responsible for capacity building in public authorities in Basra. Major Milroy is the creator and author of Exercise Deep Heat and heads the Directing Staff.


Lt Laura Pugh began her military career at Tayforth University Officer Training Corps whilst studying Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee before becoming a Police Officer, serving in Tayside Division. Laura commissioned into the Army Reserves in 2015, and serves as a Troop Commander in 154 (Scottish) Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps. Since commissioning Laura has led her soldiers on military exercises in Germany, Gibraltar and across the UK and will be deploying on exercise to Cyprus later this year. Last September Laura left the Police to return to higher education and now studies Bioinformatics at the University of Dundee.


2Lt Jonny Mells is on the Army ‘Lead First’ programme and is completing a year of full time service in the Regular Army before entering the civilian world. He commissioned in March 2018 and is currently serving with 71 Engineer Regiment. Within his unit Jonny has been involved in military exercises in Italy, Cyprus and all over the UK and is in line to deploy to both the Falkland’s and Poland over the coming months.

Prior to joining The Army Reserve, 2Lt Mells was a member of Tayforth University Officer Training Corps while attending St Andrew’s University, where he studied geology. Outside of the army Jonny enjoys running, hiking and tennis.


Lt Col Cath Davies previously served both part-time and full-time as a Reserve officer, but is now the National Adviser for Adventurous Training for the Army Cadet Force. She served as a staff officer at both Brigade and Divisional level in the UK, overseas and on operations. She has been involved in personal development through experiential learning for all her working life, initially working with young people in civilian life and with the Officer Training Corps. She now develops and delivers senior leadership courses for Staff College: Leadership in Healthcare, a charity that provides both bespoke courses for healthcare organisations and a modular leadership course open to all senior staff working in healthcare.

She was previously Chairman of the Army Mountaineering Association, which with over 2500 members is the largest climbing club in Britain and has lead or instructed on over forty expeditions all over the world, including to the Greater Ranges and an unexplored area of Greenland. Additionally, she is a qualified psychotherapist with a private practice in Edinburgh, largely but not exclusively treating veterans suffering PTSD. She still instructs climbing and mountaineering here and overseas.


Major Gavin Queen was born and brought up in Africa. Attending schools in Paris, Addis Ababa, Sussex and Scotland. A graduate in Civil Engineering at the University of Glasgow. Having started work as an engineer on construction sites in Inverness, Leuchars and the Shetland Islands, he attended and passed out of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. After 6 years as a Royal Engineer Lieutenant and Capt serving in Germany, Ripon, Belize, and on Op Gramby in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait he left to work as a Civil Engineer with the Forestry Commission(FC). With the FC he worked in North East and West Scotland, and Wales. A Chartered Engineer he now works for a Marine Civil Engineering company in Oban.

Major Queen has now served in the Army Reserve for 26 years. Since leaving the Regular Army, He is now Second in Command of Glasgow & Strathclyde Universities’ Officers’ Training Corp.


Rebecca served 10 years as an Army Officer before leaving in 2015, and subsequently joined the Army Reserves in 2016. Her current role is that of Business Resilience Consultant and she is a certified Business Continuity Professional. Since leaving the Regular Army, Rebecca has worked for start-up entities and FTSE 100 companies, further enhancing her Leadership experience in these highly competitive environments. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Executive Leadership and Governance, and studied for an MBA with Imperial College London. Her commercial leadership interest and experience is further augmented by experiences gained through her representation for Scotland, the British Army and Combined Services at Rugby Union; providing expertise in developing high performing teams.


Jen McKeown started out working in research. She gained her PhD in mathematics at the university of Stirling. Her main research interests were in evolutionary biology and mathematical modelling but the more enjoyable part of academic life for her was teaching undergraduates.

Never being quite content in a solely indoors based job, she gave up mathematics to work in outdoor education. Jen became a professional Mountain Leader and has led expeditions all over Scotland as well as in the Alps and the Nepal Himalayas. Jen’s work now is very varied; recent examples include teaching experimental design in the mountain environment to high school children and also working with a Scottish charity that provides personal development opportunities, through the medium of outdoor experiences, to women who face difficult circumstances. Generally, the work that Jen enjoys the most involves connecting with people, talking with them about the things they find important in life and taking them to beautiful places.

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